High-voltage cables for transmission

Windfarms HV Offshore

  • Onshore AC transmission:
    • cables ranging from 60 kV to 500 kV, XLPE insulated
    • used for power transmission between the onshore wind farm substation to the central grid.
  • Offshore AC transmission:
    • submarine cables ranging from 60 kV to 500 kV with various designs
    • 3-core XLPE cables (60−225 kV)
    • single core XLPE up to 400 kV.
  • Onshore and offshore DC transmission up to 500 kV applicable for high transmission requirements and long distances:
    • mass-impregnated cables with Integrated Return Conductor
    • Polymer-based insulated DC cables.

Winfarms HV Onshore
For the Lynn-Inner Dowsing windpark, we supplied and installed a 40 km long export cable to shore.

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HV power cables > 36 kV
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Higher power capacity requirements in tougher and increasingly varying environments require an extensive range of cables that can offer relaibilty, felxibility and ease of maintenance.

Nexans supplies different types of high voltage power cables depending on specific requirements and site conditions.
The cables are XLPE insulated and for all voltages between 45 and 145 kV,