Low-voltage underground cables and accessories

Power LV Underground

  • For plant applications and subscriber distribution.
  • Accessories include LV cabinets and straight and branch joints.

The Danish power company Syd Energi installed 450 km of Nexans Axclight-O cables to modernize and expand their MV network. Extremely reliable, this directly-buriable cable contains up to 72 micro optical cables for communications.

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Indoor cables
Power cables/LV power cables <1 kV

From living space to workplace, Nexans manufactures and delivers a full range of building wires and cables, quaranteed quality harmonized or not, and integrating a customized logistic for an end to end service. From 500 Volts to 1000 volts.

Under ground cables
Power cables/LV power cables <1 kV

Underground low voltage cables provide the best of safety and environment-friendly conditions to subscribers.

XLPE insulated cables for the application of local power networks. Specially used for power supply. Reduction of weight due to aluminium conductor.