Anti-intrusion cables

Standard cables that give a simple on/off signal for doors, window frames, etc.

Also, sensor cables for motion detectors

 Anti-intrusion cables


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Copper Alarm cables
Telecom - LAN - Security/Copper telecom cables

Nexans wide range of cables for fire alarm, burglary alarm and passage control consists of screened or un-screened pair-twisted cables with solid or flexible conductor, cables assembled with single cores and so called combination cables with both current feeder cores and twisted pairs specially intended for passage control systems.

Fire resistant cables

Fire resistant cables are recommended for use in installations which have to keep functioning even when there is a fire. Using Fire resistant cables in important alarm, control signal and energy supply systems guarantees that these systems will not be knocked out even if the fire actually reaches the cables.
This can be an investment that saves life.

In addition to functioning during and after a fire, Nexans’ Fire resistant cables do not emit any corrosive gases and only small amounts of smoke in a fire.

Copper Telecom cables indoors
Telecom - LAN - Security/Copper telecom cables

Premises cables intended for the network from the demarcation point to the individual terminals (phone, xdsl-modem etc). The cables are matched to the public access network (Impedance = 120 ohm) to achieve best performance for broadband applications. Screened cables are also used as interconnect cables in central offices.