Alsecure® Plus & Alsecure® Premium: Fire resistant cables

Fire resistant cables ensure integrity of function during a fire by enabling the security systems (video surveillance, smoke ventilation, audio alarms...) to continue functioning for a certain time after the fire has started. Nexans ALSECURE cables comply with these requirements..

Alsecure Plus is Nexans’ full range of Fire resistant cable  based on different technologies  (silicone rubber or mica tape)  in accordance with the national standards.

Recently  Nexans broaden its cable range with a new product bringing exceptional mechanical performance, making the installation  easier: the Alsecure Premium range, based on the patented INFIT insulation technology.

It delivers the same fire-performance characteristics as its predecessors; however, it adds new value to your installations by creating important time-saving and thus cost-saving advantages

Benefits of ALSECURE PLUS® cables 

  • Secure critical applications in high-risk environments
  • Meet extreme fire conditions over an extended period
  • A full range to meet and exceed the most stringent national requirements and the different fire security applications

Benefits of ALSECURE®  Premium cables

  • High flexibility: twice as flexible as mica-tape cables, it is easy to bend and to shape, even with bare hands; 15% less bending radius means that you can go around tight corners, and fit it into confined space
  • Easy strippability: twice as fast to strip as mica-tape cables, with no special tools required; in fact, it can be handled just like any conventional low-voltage building cable
  • Exceptional strength: three times harder than silicone-insulated cables, meaning that the insulation will not be damaged during installation; there is less waste, and a reduced likelihood of system failure during commissioning.
  • Fire resistance performance : Secure critical applications in extreme fire conditions over an extended period
  ALSECURE®  Premium cables

Alsecure® Premium

Innovative INFIT™ technology :

INFIT™ is a Nexans state-of-the-art generic technology, which draws on the latest Materials Science to optimize the structure and cohesion of cable insulations during fire. Based on selected types of polymers and patented specific compositions, it combines the rigid and easy-to-handle surface of traditional XLPE/mica cables with the strippability and installation ease of flexible silicone rubber cables. In the event of a fire, INFIT™ transforms the insulation from a flexible, plastic covering to a tough ceramic layer to assure circuit-integrity (i.e. no breaks or short circuits). 

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Fire resistant cables

Fire resistant cables are recommended for use in installations which have to keep functioning even when there is a fire. Using Fire resistant cables in important alarm, control signal and energy supply systems guarantees that these systems will not be knocked out even if the fire actually reaches the cables.
This can be an investment that saves life.

In addition to functioning during and after a fire, Nexans’ Fire resistant cables do not emit any corrosive gases and only small amounts of smoke in a fire.