Alsecure® range: Low Fire Hazard cables

Reduce smoke production and harmful emissions

Low fire hazard cablesA low level of opacity of smoke produced and acidity of the effluent are basic criteria in the selection of materials that, in the event of fire, make it possible to reduce the presence of dangerous gases and to facilitate escape. It is essential that the production of opaque smoke and harmful emissions is as low as possible during a fire.

The majority of deaths in a fire are due to inhaling dangerous gases. It is vital to reduce the exposure time to these gases by facilitating safe evacuation with the best possible visibility

halogen free

Restrict the propagation of fire and the heat release

Cables can be the means of propagation of a fire from one room to adjacent rooms; so the control of fire propagation along cable runs has been required in some National Regulations for many years in order to reduce this hazard.  

Benefits of ALSECURE® Wires and Cables

  • significantly delay the propagation of a fire, thus gaining precious time for evacuation and fire-fighting
  • reduce to a minimum opaque smoke and acid gases, the prime cause of fire-related deaths, and damage to equipment and structures
  • a wide range fitting the different country regulations, building types and electrical applications.


Safety can’t wait
Safety is a major concern in Europe. The European Commission created a specific Regulation to align the classification of construction product: the Construction Product Regulation (CPR). Ask Nexans for more information
The CPR will soon come into effect, impacting cables as well, but safety can’t wait.
The ALSECURE® range is already available and can already contribute to changing the level of safety in your projects. Anticipate the future adopting the new generation of safe cables ALSECURE® by Nexans.


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Building cables

Hook Up wires intended for fixed protected installation of signal or regulation circuits in electrical equipment. Available in PVC and Halogenfree flameretardant versions for different operating temperatures.

Specialty LV cables and Flexible cords
Building cables

Flexible cables are available for indoor- and outdoor use and applications where the cable is exposed for severe mechanical stress. The different types are made from PVC, Halogenfree flameretardant compounds or Rubber.

Control and command cables
Industrial cabling/Machinery cables

These cables are used for fixed installations or in environments were a high degree of flexibility and a small bending radius is required.

Especially if control panels or other equipment is moving, these cables are most suitable.

Control cables are part of the product range for industry automation. Following the Marked trend regarding more and more special requirements Nexans can also offer  halogen free control cables with a special fire performance. RHEYFLEX® control cables are adapted to environmental conditions and can be supplied in different designs.

Power control cables
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Power Control Cables are primarily used in industrial plants and facilities for the generation and distribution of electrical energy. Nexans product range includes cables in a number of variants of PVC and halogenfree materials and different types of cores and screens.

Minaturised control cables
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Electronic control cables for signalling and control panels. Nexans product range includes cables in both PVC and HFFR. The cables can be found in screened as well as unscreened versions.

Indoor cables
Power cables/LV power cables <1 kV

From living space to workplace, Nexans manufactures and delivers a full range of building wires and cables, quaranteed quality harmonized or not, and integrating a customized logistic for an end to end service. From 500 Volts to 1000 volts.

Building cables
Building cables

Our wide range of quality low-voltage cables with capacities under 1kV provide safe and efficient energy links for all building needs. They are renowned for their protective coatings, new materials, flexibility, color coding, and multipurpose use. Nexans tough and reliable range of cables aim to combine various functions to save space and eliminate duplication.

LV cables
Building cables

This cables are most frequently used for fixed installation indoor. Voltage level up to 1000 V. The cable range are both PVC and halogenfree types. Halogenfree cables is low smoke under fire. The cables is used in buildings, indutries ons common buildings.

Under ground cables
Power cables/LV power cables <1 kV

Underground low voltage cables provide the best of safety and environment-friendly conditions to subscribers.

XLPE insulated cables for the application of local power networks. Specially used for power supply. Reduction of weight due to aluminium conductor.