Low-voltage power cables

  • Low-voltage power cablesThese ≤1KV cables are PVC for tramways, and halogen-free, low smoke and fire-retardant for subways.
  • Generally used for traction, station equipment (lighting, escalator, automatic doors) and tunnels (ventilation).
  • Cables for emergency equipment are also fire-resistant for circuit integrity.


These cables are used in the entire Paris underground system and in all Paris tramways, including 60 km of new tram lines to be built around the city circumference and to connect suburban communities through tram-train services.

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Indoor cables
Power cables/LV power cables <1 kV

From living space to workplace, Nexans manufactures and delivers a full range of building wires and cables, quaranteed quality harmonized or not, and integrating a customized logistic for an end to end service. From 500 Volts to 1000 volts.

Specialty LV cables and Flexible cords
Building cables

Flexible cables are available for indoor- and outdoor use and applications where the cable is exposed for severe mechanical stress. The different types are made from PVC, Halogenfree flameretardant compounds or Rubber.

Flexible cords
Building cables

Hook Up wires intended for fixed protected installation of signal or regulation circuits in electrical equipment. Available in PVC and Halogenfree flameretardant versions for different operating temperatures.

Building cables
Building cables

Our wide range of quality low-voltage cables with capacities under 1kV provide safe and efficient energy links for all building needs. They are renowned for their protective coatings, new materials, flexibility, color coding, and multipurpose use. Nexans tough and reliable range of cables aim to combine various functions to save space and eliminate duplication.

Under ground cables
Power cables/LV power cables <1 kV

Underground low voltage cables provide the best of safety and environment-friendly conditions to subscribers.

XLPE insulated cables for the application of local power networks. Specially used for power supply. Reduction of weight due to aluminium conductor.

LV cables
Building cables

This cables are most frequently used for fixed installation indoor. Voltage level up to 1000 V. The cable range are both PVC and halogenfree types. Halogenfree cables is low smoke under fire. The cables is used in buildings, indutries ons common buildings.