Fiber access routing technology

  • Fiber access routing technologyNexans’ splicing modules and jointing sleeves optimize fiber routing, thus guaranteeing network integrity.
  • They are easily implemented as an end-to-end solution in distribution frames, splicing closures and access points.


Nexans has provided special jointing sleeves for many urban rail projects in Europe. Robust closures can handle repeated re-entries and accept a fiber-copper mix.

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Fiber optic Splice and patching cabinets
Telecom - LAN - Security/Fibre optic components

Fiber optic wall cabinets are of different construction and configuration to be used in splicing, branching and / or cross-coupling of fiber optic cable.

Fiber optic wall cabinets are available in different sizes and designs. The choice of the cabinet depends on the cabinet's location, type of installation, the number of fibers and the space available for installation. Nexans range includes cabinets for splicing, branching, cross-connection and in some cases a combination of these functions. The cabinets are designed for indoor installation.
More information and data can be found under each product.

Fiber optic Outlets
Telecom - LAN - Security/Fibre optic components

A complete range of fiber optic outlets for installation in telecommunication networks with high quality and performance requirements.

The customer outlet that Nexans offers can be purchased as single part or pre-terminated. In the case where the customer outlet is delivered pre-terminated, the following can be offered.
From 1 to 4 fibers connected with SC and performance UPC or APC. The outlet is delivered complete with patch panel, adapters, contacts, fixing the details of wall mount and cable mount and with the desired cable length of cable GAGL, GOHGQ, TBU or other cables under the agreement.


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