Wind on the way

Routing cables for a wind farm tends to be an awkward business. But now there is the Wind In The Road concept. A new construction method that's faster, cheaper and more reliable.  

Excavating for traditional cable-laying in a wind farm is financially uncertain as the ground conditions are variable and tough. It can also be difficult to handle a thick cable gently on awkward terrain. The fact that the cables additionally often have to be laid at the same time as trucks loaded with concrete for foundations and parts for masts and turbines are passing by does not make the whole thing any easier. In the best case only the cable-laying work comes to a halt, and in the worst case the cables are broken.

As simple as it's smart
Wind In The Road is a new concept in which the cooperating partners are in agreement about making use of the road construction to the wind farm and at the same time preparing for cable-laying in order to obtain faster, cheaper and more reliable cable-laying. The method is based on an SRS pipe being laid at the same time as the road system for the wind farm is being built. The cable is pushed and then winched through the pipe, with the result that cable-laying is faster and more reliable.

The movie below shows the concept in the field (only in Swedish)

Wind on the way

Unique cable with built-in fibre tubes
A unique cable and a complete solution mean that Nexans is well to the fore as a supplier for wind turbines. 

– Our unique round three-core cable Axclight-O LT 12-36kV with built-in micro-tubes, where fibre-optic cables can be blown in for control of the wind turbines, explains the success we have achieved, says Mats Klarén, product manager Power Networks.

– But with the cooperative project – Wind In The Road – we now have a complete concept to show how cables can be routed to wind turbines, which is of great interest.


Wind In The Road is a cooperative venture between: 

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