ODF solution - 19 inch system

Short description of the solution

Nexans ODF solution - 19 inch - for easy, flexible and compact patching, termination and splicing of optical fibres.

Nexans ODF solution is a modular system for terminating a large number of optical fibres in a small floor space. The system consists of 19 inch frame, splice module, patch modules and a complete solution for handling patch cords and cables.

Three different sizes of frame are available, 1800, 2000 mm and 2200 mm (the height of the cable ladder is to be added). The 550 mm width and the 360-800 (adjustable) mm depth are the same for all heights.

Depending of space and number of fibres to be installed, the system can be constructed in various ways.

  • Frame with only subracks
  • Frame with subracks and splice modules
  • Frame with subracks, splice modules and active equipment

KB 1996
Advantages of the solution

Fast installation

  • The big advantage of the subrack, in addition to its compact design, is that it has a universal opening feature (pull out or swivel left or right) that gives you access to all connectors in a way that works on the most diverse installation sites.
  • The subrack can be delivered preconnectorized, partly to keep down the cost of installation and partly to ensure high quality connectors and fibres.
  • The frame can be installed stand alone or against a wall.
  • Robust and simple construction.
  • Adjustable depth of the frame.

Flexible and easy to use

  • Good possibility to perform maintenance when the systems are fully installed and operational.
  • Possible to access every connector in the system regardless of where it is located.
  • Easy to Change or clean a connector without interrupting others connections.

Benefits of the solution

Space saving

  • It is possible to install 31 subracks with96 fibres (SC connectors) in a cabinet with a 2200 mm height.
  • That means 2976 connectors and 2976 patch cords to be managed in a single frame with associated cable and patch cord management.
  • The design of the subrack allows for better controlled and distribution of patch cords in the frame.
  • By installing the patch cords in the same direction as the direction of the opening function, the patch cords are evenly distributed on the right and left side of the cabinet/frame.

Cost saving

  • Quick and easy operation and maintenance.
  • Compact and space saving design.

Future proof

  • Good possibility to perform maintenance when the systems are fully installed and operational.
  • Saves space in the facility for future needs.