Thinking through a future proof fiber network.

Nexans - Creating a future proof fiber networkEveryone agrees that the pace of development is speeding up. And nowhere is more relevant than fiber to the home. That is why it pays to invest in the right products and global solutions from the start. The lowest price is not always the best choice in the long run. Building a stable fiber network is a bit like building a house. Without solid foundations, things can easily get a bit shaky.

Global solutions for fiber networks

When we talk about global solutions for fiber network is the goal to fulfill the holy grail for people who want to watch a movie, play computer games and communication with the outside world, all at the same time. A solution that works without annoying jumps and delays. Regardless of which room the user is in.

For all service providers

It does not matter which service provider you choose – they all work well in our environment. Our products are also designed to be compatible in different types of premisses. The result is a fiber network with technology and performance that works today, while being ready for the next generation.

Fibre is the future

We offer a wide range of products, detailed expertise and lots of experience.