Apartment solution in Mölnlycke

There are several broadband installation methods in rental properties, depending on the local conditions in terms of cable routing and ducting. One interesting approach is to use existing ducting for cable TV systems. When installation contractor AT-Installation AB was appointed to install fibre in an HSB housing cooperative in Mölnlycke, they quickly realised that the conduits for the cable TV network could be used to run fibre cable to each apartment.

Premises networks - basementBackground
The estate consists of four residential blocks with four apartments per floor, making a total of about 150 apartments. The ducting to the apartments starts from a shared service room in the basement, with four separate conduits running vertically through each of the apartments. The conduits are 16 mm in size.

The aerial outlet in each apartment is in the same place – next to the vertical ducting running through the flats from floor to floor.

Nexans GALDV microcable was chosen for the project. An external diameter of just 1.2 mm means this fibre cable is ideally suited to jetting, and it is not normally used in ducting because there is no strain relief. In situations like this project, however, the product can be considered if the ducting is felt to be appropriate.

First, the coaxial cable for the cable TV was removed from the ducting. To make it easier to pull the thin fibre cables, the conduits were also cleaned with air. Four GALDV cables were then pulled through the conduits simultaneously using a pull string. There are a few twists and turns in the first section from the basement to apartment 1 (15 – 20 m), but the process went smoothly according to the installer with no resistance.

From apartment 1 upwards, the ducting is vertical with no turns at all. For these sections, the existing coaxial cable was used as a pull string for the remaining fibre cables.

Premises networks - inside apartmentInside the apartment
The service provider's media converter was placed directly on top of the box for the aerial outlet in order to create a protected fibre connection into the media converter.

Nexans' building network solutions are compatible with most of the methods in use in the market. Running microcable through existing ducting is an effective method and the installer was very happy with the result. They will certainly use the method again in future projects if they get the chance.