EQQXB Easy­™

Alarm and security cable for an easier and safer workday


In an effort to continuously develop solutions that make the installer's job easier and safe, Nexans expands its range of Easy™ cables further. Common to Nexans Easy™ cables is that they are easier to peel, flexible to work with and safer to use. The new cable EQQXB Easy™, for intruder detection and access protection systems, is no exception.

EQQXB Easy™ is an extremely easy peeled cable. So easy that you can even peel the inner conductor using only your nails. This also means that there is no risk for damaging the conductor during the peeling process.

EQQXB Easy™ also have all the other Easy™ qualities; halogen-free, easy to peel outer sheath and talc free, i.e. a cable that saves time and reduces injuries.

Quick Facts EQQXB Easy™

• Conductors can be easily peeled with your nail
• Halogen-free and fire retardant
• Easy stripped outer sheath
• Talc free
• Saves time and reduces work injuries

Cut around the cable.
Grab the cable and crack the sheath. Pull off the sheath - easiely and smoothly.
Peel fast and easy using only your finger nails. The cable is ready!