Products and solutions

There are many different ways to create a premises network with fibre cable. The eventual choice depends on the age of the property, the availability of cable shafts and the building structure.

Fiber från källaren till lägenhetenOne cable per property
In buildings with cable shafts, cables or ducts can be installed directly on cable ladders. Ducts are installed between each flat and the basement. Microcable can then be blown into the ducts. The same accessories can be used regardless of the method selected. One fibre for each
flat is enough, but installing two or four makes the system future proof.

Drop on demand

For older buildings with few or no cable shafts, "drop on demand" may be an option – just a thin cable is run from the bottom to the top of the building. On each floor, the required number of fibres are taken from the cable.

Depending on the number of subscribers

Various types of cabinet or frames can be used in the basement housing the distribution point. Here, too, the choice of product depends on the nature of the property and the number of subscribers in the building.

In the home

A fibre outlet is installed inside the flat, close to a media box. Two fibres can be connected to the contacts in the fibre outlet. The selected operator houses its active equipment in the media box inside the flat. A copper network then runs from the active equipment directly to the devices or to a wireless router which communicates with the devices wirelessly.