New constructions

New buildings planningIn new construction, one may already at the planning stage determine in which rooms electric underfloor heating should be installed. This provides a unique opportunity to tailor solutions for optimum comfort and energy efficiency. It is not necessary to make the same considerations with respect to floor height, sill height etc., as is usually the case in renovations projects.

Normally, it is recommended to embed traditional heating cables in a concrete layer of 30-50 mm thickness, which can then be decorated with tiles, parquet, laminate or other floor coverings. Heating cables can also be installed between joist beams in wooden floors, and there are also solutions particularly suitable for parquet and laminate flooring, which do not require the use of screed at all. In new constructions, it is also easy to ensure that the floors are sufficiently insulated with thermal insulation underneath the heating cables.

It is worth noting the low installation costs associated with electrical heating cables in a new building, compared to hydronic heating systems. The installation cost of heating cables in a new building will generally not be substantially higher than for other electrically based heating systems, and compared with most alternative systems, the installation cost will be far lower. In addition, the solution is maintenance free.

NB! All heating cables shall be installed and commissioned by an authorized electrical installer