Heating with parquet or laminate flooring

Gulvvarme parkett
In recent years, low profile products which can be installed directly underneath parquet or laminate, without embedding in screed, have been developed. These products are very easy to install, and are suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.

In particular, on account of parquet floors sensitivity towards heat, installed power in such floors will be somewhat lower than in concrete floor. Lower power in hardwood floors, however, has no negative impact on comfort feeling. Many have experienced that ceramic tiles feel cold, even though the ambient temperature is at a comfortable level. This is because the tiles have high thermal conductivity and transports heat efficiently away from the feet. Wooden materials have a thermal conductivity lower than that of ceramic tiles, and the floor surface will feel warm, even with less installed power. Since there is almost no thermal storage in such floors (which is the case in concrete floor), the temperature regulation is also fast and efficient.