Driveway or courtyard

Varmekabler karusell uteSnow- and ice- free outdoor areas
More and more people are discovering how easy and hassle free it is to keep the driveway, courtyard and other outdoor areas free from snow and ice using heating cables. The heating cables may be installed over larger areas, only in the wheel tracks, in a staircase or in walkways. In any case, there will be a dry and snow and ice free surface where the cables are installed.

For an efficient and economical utilization of the snow melting system, an automatic control system is recommended.

Nexans has several products that are ideal for ice- and snow- melting.

TXLP Single conductor / Drum cable

For snow melting installation of a certain size, single conductor cable (also called drum cable) is often the most economical solution. Single conductor cable also provides a greater flexibility with respect to obtaining the required linear power to be installed. Heating cable installation, using single conductor cable, should be calculated by a person possessing experience with such systems.


DEFROST SNOW is a twin conductor heating cable element which yields 28W/m. The cable is equipped with a hidden splice and 10 m cold lead. It is ideal for snow melting installations in driveways, parking lots, stairs, etc. The elements can be embedded in concrete, laid in the sub base (crushed stone mix) under setts or slates, or directly in hot asphalt with temperature up to 160°C/320°F.

N-Heat package_small

TXLP heating cable elements

For particularly small system, such as a small stairway or a small entrance, a heating cable element (17W/m) can be used. The cables are robust enough to be used in outdoor installations, but because of low linear power (compared with products that are intended for outdoor systems) the highest achievable area power is approximately 280W/m2. For large area systems, this implies a lot of installation work (many meters of cable to install).


SNOWMAT comprises a twin conductor heating cable attached
to a flexible, fiberglass reinforced plastic nets, and it yields 300W/m². The mat cable is equipped with hidden splice and
10 m cold lead.

SNOWMAT is quick and cost effective to install, and is used as an alternative to traditional heating cable. It is ideal for smaller areas, and can be installed in asphalt, concrete, or under setts.
It consists of a twin conductor heating cable attached to a flexible fiberglass reinforced plastic net. SNOWMAT is delivered in a 40 cm wide variant, primarily intended for wheel tracks, and an 80 cm wide variant for larger areas. The heating mat is normally laid on a base of compressed crushed rock mix or sand.