Would you like to do your thesis at Nexans?

Title of Thesis: Analysis of measuring uncertainty in parts of the cable production process.

Nexans has the need to identify and analyze any areas of measuring uncertainty in parts of the production process. This includes using statistical tools to ensure good results . By performing your thesis work at Nexans you get the chance to act in a global company with a strong local identity. We seek students with creative minds who like to analyze problems.

To thoroughly investigate and propose improvements regarding both measuring equipment, data collection and how we perform measurements in serial production. Minor adjustments to this may be performed after dialogue with your contact at Nexans.

Project targets

  • Analyze how and why we measure the way we do in parts of our production process and evaluate if it is good enough to satisfy global standards.
  • Use MSA and/or SPC to evaluate the way we measure.
  •  Propose improvements that can be performed to make our processes more efficient


If you have any questions - please contact Plant Quality Manager, Martin Klasson. Apply here


Welcome with your application before the 15th of February. 

Your Contact

Martin Klasson Plant Quality Manager
Phone 0325 80258