Four steps to test CPR compliance

Step-by-step guide to understanding the required markings

CPR_200The CPR awareness campaign aims to help all construction professionals fully understand the implications of the CPR on the cable industry and assist them in complying with the regulations. The CPR awareness campaign is launched by Europacable and keenly championed by Nexans.


Here is your guide to check CPR-compliance: 4 steps to test CPR-compliance


You still have the possibility to sign up for My CPR Coach, Europacable’s training program.  My CPR coach: I want to sign up!



Working with Nexans, you can be sure everything has been taken care of. Nexans supports you by providing a full range of CPR certified products, as well as providing the necessary support and services to facilitate your work.
To know more about the CPR, visit Europacable’s dedicated site:
Europacable CPR campaign site