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Here we have gathered our most important cables for installation and mains. In the catalog you will also find useful information such as type designations, fire spread classes, correction and load tables.

Omslag_Kabelboken_250There is also a practical cable guide for mains, installation and industrial cables. The guide contains a selection of the most common cable types and can be used as an aid in choosing the right cable type.

Easy ™ cables for a simpler everyday life
Our popular Easy ™ cables are of course included in the catalog. The Easy ™ family is a complete range consisting of halogen-free installations and power cables that make work easier and smoother. Read more about the Easy ™ cables here:
More about Easy


Flexible format
The cable book is in A5 format and our hope is that it will be a flexible and easy-to-handle tool for you in your work with our products. Deeper information about the products in the catalog and product data sheets can be found at www.nexans.se under the tab products.

If you want a printed catalog, please fill in our order form and we will send you a catalog as soon as possible: 

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