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Paris, February 14, 2007 – Nexans Norway AS has discovered a defect in a few of its comfort heating products and cannot rule out that this defect exists in products that have been sold. For the sake of safety we have decided to recall the following products:

  • Nexans Millimats, sold during the period 26.10-06.-14.02.07.
  • Hunton Silencio EL, solgt i perioden 09.11.06.-14.02.07.
    Millikit II
    Millikit II

Nexans Millimats are sold to electricians via electrical wholesalers.
Hunton Silencio EL heating cables are sold in building materials shops.

Consumers that have bought and/or had installed an under-floor heating system of this type during the period in question are asked to turn off the comfort heating and then contact an authorized electrician who can state whether the under-floor heating system in question is affected by the recall. If so, the electrician must disconnect the heating cable system and contact Nexans Norway.

The inspection and possible repair of the installed product may take place on site in accordance with our instructions. Products that have not yet been installed are to be exchanged by the dealer.

Should you have any questions, please call Nexans Norway AS at +47 800 874 73 or send an e-mail to firmapost@nexans.com. Information on the recall and instructions for the electrician are also to be found on our website www.nexans.no

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