Nexans invests for the future

Investing SEK 20 million in a new facility for halogen-free cables

Grimsås. June 21, 2010 – Nexans IKO Sweden AB has decided to enlarge its power cable factory in an investment worth SEK 20 million. The main purpose is to make room for the continuing growth in halogen-free cables.

The SEK 20 million investment will enlarge the surface area by 1,200 sq.m. and install a new production line. The new facility will allow halogen-free cables to be produced more efficiently, and means that the segment can be further developed with new products.

– To protect jobs in Grimsås over the long term, it is essential to be at the forefront of product development and new solutions for the market, says Stefan Olsson, Managing Director at Nexans IKO Sweden in Grimsås. In the installation cable segment, we can see great potential in halogen-free cables.

The big selling point for halogen-free cables is that they are fire retardant. They reduce the risk of injury in fires because the cables do not produce black smoke or dangerous gases, making it easier to evacuate buildings. They also offer significant financial benefits – the fire retardant properties of the cables speed up the process of rebuilding after a fire and shorten downtime for manufacturers for example.

– We think of the planned enlargement as an investment for the future, says Stefan Olsson. It is gratifying that our owners want to invest long term and that they believe in our ability to manage the opportunities presented by the investment.

The new facility will also create opportunities for boosting production capacity, as well as helping to improve the working environment and the workflows in the factory.
Work will begin in June and the new facility is scheduled to start production in March 2011. 



Managing Director Stefan Olsson and Production Manager Bengt Tönsgård at the place where the new factory is going to be built.

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