Nexans launches website for everyone who dreams about rural fibre networks


It was natural for Nexans, as one of the market leaders in fibre solutions, to create the website for everyone in a rural area who is thinking about having fibre broadband in their home. The website Landsortsnä is intended to become a source of information and inspiration. A helping hand for all local residents' associations and other associations out in the countryside who are longing to get started on their fibre projects.

The site has attracted many visitors since it was launched in September. It contains information on everything from fibre and how it works to what practical steps to take to get faster broadband in the home.
"For us, it was important to create a website with clear information that's easy to assimilate. This fibre business sometimes tends to become technical and complicated, it isn't, but it's important to do the right thing from the outset," says Thomas Björkståhl, who is product manager for fibre-optic cables at Nexans.

Gravel road or motorway
There is a great difference between surfing with or without fibre. On Landsortsnä, Nexans compares it to driving on a rough gravel road or gliding along a motorway at high speed. And as the Swedish Government’s broadband strategy says that 90% of the Swedish population should have broadband at a speed of at least 100 Mbps by 2020, a serious start needs to be made now, including in rural areas.
"In Asia they have already realised that fibre-optics is more than a matter of being able to surf at high speed, it’s viewed there as a crucial competitive factor for future generations.

Our contribution to development
The website contains a check-list of how a local residents' association should proceed, from A to Z, in order to put its fibre dreams into reality. Visitors to the website can also watch a film and read about what others, both local residents’ associations and contractors, have done. One section is concerned with the environmental benefits, and as a curious fact we learn, for example, that a fibre cable 28 millimetres thick contains 1000 fibres. Despite its ample contents, the website is intended to be capable of being gradually expanded to include more information, for example help in finding local contractors. Thomas and his colleagues tend, a little jestingly, to call the website Nexans' contribution to a living Swedish countryside.

A comprehensive website
Nexans’ objective has been to make the website as comprehensive as possible, and the hope is that everyone will find answers to their questions and become a little wiser. We venture to claim that we have succeeded when there is something even for those with a real technical interest, with detailed network building descriptions.

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