Climate smart heating in Grimsås

Nexans' premises in Grimsås are now heated mainly with renewable energy instead of oil. This week, the new climate smart bioenergy system was inaugurated. It enables Nexans to re-use 700 tonnes of wood residues per year - an important contribution to reducing the company's climate impact.

Since the beginning of the year, Nexans' premises in Grimsås are heated with the help of two woodchip burners. The two burners, with a power of 1.25 MW each, have replaced the company's oil boilers - a step in the right direction for both sustainability and the environment.

- From an environmental point of view, this is a real boost. Previously, we paid about SEK 100,000 each year to remove wood residues for recycling. Now we can recycle the residual material ourselves, get heat for our premises and avoid transportation costs, says Annika Hedebark, HSE Manager at Nexans.

On March 21, Nexans' new bioenergy system was inaugurated. At the inauguration, Heike Sengstschmid, Nexans' VP Corporate Industrial Operations, participated, Anne-Lise Aukner, CEO Nexans Sweden, representatives from Tranemo municipality and the County Administrative Board, suppliers, contractors and Nexans' employees.

- At Nexans, we work continuously to limit our company's climate impact. We do this by developing our products, our processes and the way we conduct our business. In 2019, all the energy we use in our production will be environmentally friendly, said CEO Anne Lise Aukner before leaving the word to Heike Sengstschmid who inaugurated the new woodchip burners.

Nexans' new bioenergy system is an investment, partly financed through support from Klimatklivet (the Climate Leap), a governmental initiative to reach the goal of a fossil-free Sweden in 2045.

Woodchip burner Nexans inauguration - Heike and Anne-Lise
Heike Sengstschmid, Nexans VP Corporate Industrial Operations and Anne-Lise Aukner, CEO Nexans Sweden.
Woodchip burner inauguration Nexans - Heike
Heike Sengstschmid, Nexans VP Corporate Industrial Operations, inaugurates the woodchip burners. 
Woodchip inauguration Nexans - flowers
Plant Manager Syamend Al Ali, Project Manager Per Bergqvist, Mikael Rigert, BSV and Staffan Lundegårdh, CEO Ariterm.
Woodchip burner inauguration Nexans - Per and Annika
HSE Manager Annika Hedebark and Project Manager Per Bergqvist in front of one of the woodchip burners.

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