LAN Intelligenta system

För Data Centers och byggnader, Nexans LANsense IIM (intelligenta system) ökar synligheten för nätverk genom att automatiskt kartlägga, lokalisera, rapportera och larma under alla omständigheter.

LAN Intelligent Infrastructure Management

HSBC's huvudkontor London; Incheon Flygplats (Korea)

Cables Solutions

Automated Infrastructure Management
Tele - Data - Säkerhet/LAN kabelsystem

Today’s Scenario 

Technology evolution and growing demands are creating increasingly complex, high-performing networks and cabling. There is expectancy in higher availability of the network. Data Centres demand 99.99XX uptime. IT incidents are expected to be resolved faster and there is a need for improved security of your network.

With most of the IT services being outsourced, there is high-level performance expected from Service providers especially considering the increasing trend in the growth of remote location offices.

Some Critical problems faced by IT teams when it comes to physical infrastructure and networks are:

  1. Manual Documentation and software only documentation methods always need human interference for the timely update on the changes done within the network which involves the risk of inaccurate documentation.