Snow melting

Utendørs snøsmelting_1Heating cables ensures that driveways, stairs and entrance areas are snow and frost free throughout the winter.

Nexans heating cables can be installed directly in hot asphalt, in concrete, under cobble stones or below slates.

The heating cables may be installed over larger areas, only in the wheel tracks, in a staircase or in walkways.

Snow melting systems are easy to control with modern control systems, designed for just this purpose. Such a system ensures that the cables are switched off when the ground is dry, or when the temperature is within/outside given temperature limits. Snow melting systems, therefore, consume far less energy and are much cheaper in use than most realize. By using an automated temperature control system, the installed area power may be as high as 400W/m2, something which will give an even more responsive snow melting system.

NB! All heating cables shall be installed and commissioned by an authorized electrical installer.