Frost protection

Varmekabler Frostsikring Heating cables are suitable for frost protection of a number of vulnerable components and locations in a building. Pipes bursting on account of the water inside freezing can cause major water damage. Nexans offer heating cables for installation both on the outside of and inside water pipes, solutions which easily and efficiently prevent this.

Another problem is clogged gutters and downpipes. This can result in ice and snow building up on the roof, in the roof gutter, or both, and ultimately falling down to the ground. This puts both people, animals and property at risk of injury and damage. Normally it is the owner of the house or the building (or the tenant) who is responsible for ensuring that people on sidewalks and streets are not subjected to this danger. By installing heating cables in gutters and downpipes, the prevention of falling ice and snow is ensured in an efficient, affordable and safe way.

Utilization of sports arenas or agricultural areas (such as greenhouses) is often limited because of snowfall or cold climate. By installing heating cables in the ground, the season can be extended considerably.