INFIT™ technology opens new markets

“INFIT is a leapfrog technology which allows most plants to produce superior fire-performance cables using traditional extrusion techniques.”  










The fruition of long research and companywide information-sharing, our newly patented INFIT™ technology makes it possible to produce new families of outstanding fire-resistant energy and telecom cables using classical extrusion methods.


Best of two worlds

Until now, fire-resistant cables were either XLPE/mica-wrapped (strong, but stiff to handle), or silicone-insulated (flexible, but vulnerable to cuts and tears). INFIT™ combines exceptional strength with flexibility and easy strippability in an industrial process that can be deployed in Nexans plants worldwide, even those unequipped for silicone cable production.


Wide applications

In the event of a fire, INFIT™  insulations are transformed into a tough ceramic jacket to assure circuit integrity and keep alarms, exit lighting, elevators, pumps, public address systems and fans operating. This technology is suited for public buildings, ships, rolling stock and Local Area Networks.


Optimizes nanostructure

INFIT™ (Innovative Fire Insulation Technology) uses advanced Materials and Polymer Science to optimize the nanostructure of primary materials. When the plastic burns, the composition hardens, like in a potter’s oven, to form a protective shield. When looking for a formulation, we wanted a combination which would reduce the occurrence of cracks or breakages and guarantee electrical resistance (i.e. prevent short circuits). In Europe, the NRC had arrived at a good formula when Australia’s OLEX joined the Nexans family, allowing us to share information about parallel research, formulas, and test results on their Ceramifiable® technology. Between us, we created a superior product.


Important breakthrough

This technology is a giant step forward among today’s fire-performance cables. No other cable producer can offer this kind of installer-friendly solution.