Nexans Cable Walker™

New cable trolley that makes the installer's job faster and safer

Cable Walker™In an effort to continually develop solutions that make the installer's job easier, Nexans launches Nexans Cable Walker™ - a cable trolley for transporting and unwinding the cable from bobins.

- Nexans Cable Walker™ requires no lifting or kicking to handle heavy bobins. Cable Walker™ is both carrier and unwinder, which makes the installer's job both easier, faster and safer, says product manager Aron Andersson at Nexans.

Since many years, Nexans has worked determinedly to develop and manufacture products and solutions to make the installers work easier. A few years ago Nexans introduced the Easy™ cables. Common to them all is that they are easier to strip, easier to work with and safer to use.

- We know that it is not just cable characteristics which affect the installer's life. On large sites, it is equally important to be able to easily carry and handle large and heavy cable bobins, says Aron Andersson.

The new cable trolley has a stable and easy-to-roll design. Moreover, it has a practical refill system to make refilling fast and easy.

- A package should be easy to move and carry. Without any risk to harm hands or back. It should also have a solid design that enables smooth and cost-effective refill and reuse, says Aron Andersson.

Nexans Cable Walker™ suitable for the majority of Nexans building cables on bobins. For a complete list , see the product information via the link to the right.

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