Report - daily work life as a machine operator at Nexans

At one end are three 83 kilometre lengths of wire. At the other end, a drum rolls up the finished installation cable.

Machine Operator at Nexans - Daniel Karlsson

The wires have passed through SZ machine 8 at a speed of 110 metres/minute (approximately 6.6 km/h) ,and have been provided en route with paper protection and two layers of mantle - an inner fireproof one and an outer one that is white, smooth and stylish.

Along the way, the machine operator Daniel Karlsson often stands up to feel and pinch the cable, especially when it has gone through the final bath where molten plastic granules become the outer sheath once it has dried.
–  You have to be careful there, if the surface is rough or unsightly, it's not possible to sell the cable, he says.

When the cable drum at the end of the line is full, he cuts the cable and tests that it conducts electricity all the way from end to end. It then continues on its way to the customer. Daniel only works weekends, two 14.5 hour shifts.
– It suits me really well. We have a small farm at home in Båraryd outside Gislaved, with two cows, a bull, chickens, pigs and some woodland.

  • Location
    Grimsås, department 523 at Nexans Sweden AB.
  • What
    Machine operator Daniel Karlsson has started the first weekend shift at the SZ machine. He works two shifts a week, Friday from 13.00 to 03.24 and Sunday from 08.45 to 23.12.
  • How
    With full control of the entire process from loose wires to a halogen-free installation cable for the EXQ EasyTM brand.

He has been operating the same machine since he started at Nexans almost ten years ago. The team rarely has disagreements. In a normal shift, they produce around 80 kilometres of cable.
– I can get a bit tired if things are going wrong, like when joins or paper fall off. But that is seldom the case nowadays, the machine has been rebuilt and its electronics have been upgraded with better control systems.

He likes his job and his colleagues.
– We hang out together sometimes in our free time. We also train together and have a team from Nexans that participates in the Vätternrundan cycling competition.

Daniel Karlsson is also satisfied with Nexans as an employer.
– Not least because the company helps people manage their lives outside of work. If someone has to collect their kids from daycare at a certain time or is not able to work nights, then they will try to arrange a schedule that works for them.

So Daniel and his SZ-Machine are likely to be working together for many years to come.
– In any case, I don't want to change jobs, I really enjoy working here.

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