FQFR 450/750 V


FQFR 2x1,5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16491798-898-05

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 2
  • Nominal outer diameter: 11.7 mm
  • Approximate weight: 18.5 kg/100m


FQFR 4x1,5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16491898-898-05

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 4
  • Nominal outer diameter: 12.5 mm
  • Approximate weight: 20.7 kg/100m


FQFR 7x1,5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16490198-898-05 - Country ref. 0127795

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 7
  • Nominal outer diameter: 14.2 mm
  • Approximate weight: 29.0 kg/100m


FQFR 14x1,5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16490298-898-05 - Country ref. 0127805

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 14
  • Nominal outer diameter: 18.0 mm
  • Approximate weight: 47.4 kg/100m


FQFR 19x1,5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16490398-898-05 - Country ref. 0127815

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 19
  • Nominal outer diameter: 19.5 mm
  • Approximate weight: 54.7 kg/100m


FQFR 27x1,5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16490498-898-05 - Country ref. 0127825

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 27
  • Nominal outer diameter: 23.5 mm
  • Approximate weight: 75.9 kg/100m


FQFR 37x2,5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16491598-898-05

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 37
  • Nominal outer diameter: 30.0 mm
  • Approximate weight: 141.0 kg/100m


FQFR 37x1.5 750 V

Nexans ref. 16490598-898-05

  • Packaging: Drum (500m)
  • Number of cores: 37
  • Nominal outer diameter: 26.2 mm
  • Approximate weight: 96.9 kg/100m





  • National
    SS 424 03 21

FQFR is a halogen free, HFFR-insulated cable with one layer of annealed copper wires with opposite open helix of copper. The conductors are circular, stranded copper and the sheath is of HFFR-material. The cable is constructed according to SS 424 03 21 in applicable parts. The conductors and resistance complies with IEC 60228 part 2. The cores are identified by numbers according to SS 424 17 20. FQFR meets the fire requirements according to CPR Dcas2d2a2 and emits no corrosive gases when burning and has low smoke production. The sheath is marked, ie: "FQFR 7x1,5 500V NEXANS GS HALOGENFRI" year month + metermarking. The cable is approved by Intertek SEMKO.

Lifemark(TM) recycling marking

The external surface of the outer sheath is embossed with a text which specifies all components in the polymers and prepares the cable for future recycling.


FQFR is manufactured and tested according to SS 424 03 21 in applicable parts.


Approved by Intertek SEMKO.

Quality and environmental management system

Certified according to ISO 9001, IRIS, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.



Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Conductor material
Conductor shape
Round, stranded
Halogen free polyolefin
Outer sheath
HFFR (polyolefin)
Halogen free

Electrical characteristics

Electrical characteristics

Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um)
450/750 V

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Minimum installation temperature
-10 °C
U.V resistance
Recommended minimum installation temperature
0 °C
Short-circuit max. conductor temperature
150 °C
Ambient static operating temperature, range
-35 ... 70 °C



Selling & delivery Information

FQFR will be delivered in lengths of 500 m. The drum is marked with manufacturer, type of cable and length. The ends of the cable are sealed.

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