TBU LSZH 12x50/125 OM3 SP1724 BK




  • International
    EN 50399 D; IEC 60332-1; IEC 60332-3; IEC 60754-1; IEC 60794; IEC 61034

This tight buffer cable is designed for indoor/outdoor installation.

This cable has an outstanding fire behaviour.

Direct connectorization is made easy with 900µm buffered structure.

This cable can be operated under a large temperature range.



The TBU LSZH* SP1724 cable has a central strength member (FRP: Fibre Reinforced Plastic), with 12 900µm buffered structure around. The design is reinforced by a layer of  glass yarns and a LSZH* sheath.


Fibre type

The TBU LSZH* SP1724 cable is available with multimode and singlemode fibres.


Technical performances

The tight buffer cable performances are specified in the following tables.


Additional details

This cable is provided as a standard with a black sheath, other sheath colours are also available. Long exposure to UV with these other colours could generate colour fading.


* LSZH: Low Smoke Zero Halogen.





Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Strength member
Central FRP
Construction type
Multi Tight
Fiber optic type
OM3 50/125
Material used for longitudinal water tightness
Watertight glass yarns
Additional strength member
Glass yarn
Outer sheath
Halogen free
IEC 60754-1
Metal free

Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Cable Diameter, range
- mm
Number of optical fibres, range
Nominal outer diameter
6.5 mm
Approximate weight
47 kg/km
Number of optical fibres

Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Maximum installation tension
1000 N
Maximum permanent tensile load
0.3 kN
Crush resistance (IEC 60794-1-E3)
100 N/cm
Mechanical resistance to impacts
10 impacts of 3 N.m

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Flame retardant
IEC 60332-1
Fire retardant
IEC 60332-3
Smoke density
IEC 61034-2
U.V resistance
Very good
Water proof
Longitudinal & radial
Installation type
Installation temperature, range
0 ... 40 °C
Storage temperature, range
-40 ... 70 °C
Operating temperature, range
-40 ... 70 °C
Minimum static operating bending radius
70 mm
Laying operation bending radius
100 mm




Color code EIA pdf — 370.0 kB

Selling & delivery Information

Standard Marking

Nexans - FIBRE OPTIC CABLE - TBU LSZH Dca s1 d1 a1 SP1724 - XXxYY - FB - TN - metric

XX = Fibre Count YY = Fibre Type FB = Frameries, Belgium (manufacturing place) TN = Traceability Number

Declaration of Performance

  • Declaration of Performance n� : 1001189-NOLA
  • Certification Date : 1/16/24
  • AVCP (Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance) : System 3
  • Notified body : 1000253
  • Declared performance : Dca-s1,d1,a1

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