TBU LSZH 24x50/125 OM3 SP1724 BK




  • International
    EN 50399 D; IEC 60332-1; IEC 60332-3; IEC 60754-1; IEC 60794; IEC 61034

This tight buffer cable is designed for indoor/outdoor installation.

This cable has an outstanding fire behaviour.

Direct connectorization is made easy with 900µm buffered structure.

This cable can be operated under a large temperature range.



The TBU LSZH* SP1724 cable has a central strength member (FRP: Fibre Reinforced Plastic), with 24 900µm buffered structure around. The design is reinforced by a layer of  glass yarns and a LSZH* sheath.


Fibre type

The TBU LSZH* SP1724 cable is available with multimode and singlemode fibres.


Technical performances

The tight buffer cable performances are specified in the following tables.


Additional details

This cable is provided as a standard with a black sheath, other sheath colours are also available. Long exposure to UV with these other colours could generate colour fading.

Black or colored stripes are used for the fibre identification from position 13 to 24.



Dca S1 d0 a1



* LSZH: Low Smoke Zero Halogen.





Construction characteristics

Construction characteristics

Strength member
Central FRP
Construction type
Multi Tight
Fiber optic type
OM3 50/125
Material used for longitudinal water tightness
Watertight glass yarns
Additional strength member
Glass yarn
Outer sheath
Halogen free
IEC 60754-1
Metal free

Dimensional characteristics

Dimensional characteristics

Cable Diameter, range
- mm
Number of optical fibres, range
Nominal outer diameter
7.8 mm
Approximate weight
71 kg/km
Number of optical fibres

Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Maximum installation tension
1500 N
Maximum permanent tensile load
0.45 kN
Crush resistance (IEC 60794-1-E3)
100 N/cm
Mechanical resistance to impacts
10 impacts of 3 N.m

Usage characteristics

Usage characteristics

Flame retardant
IEC 60332-1
Fire retardant
IEC 60332-3
Smoke density
IEC 61034-2
U.V resistance
Very good
Water proof
Longitudinal & radial
Installation type
Installation temperature, range
0 ... 40 °C
Storage temperature, range
-40 ... 70 °C
Operating temperature, range
-40 ... 70 °C
Minimum static operating bending radius
80 mm
Laying operation bending radius
120 mm




Color code EIA pdf — 370.0 kB

Selling & delivery Information

Standard Marking

Nexans - FIBRE OPTIC CABLE - TBU LSZH Dca s1 d1 a1 SP1724 - XXxYY - FB - TN - metric

XX = Fibre Count YY = Fibre Type FB = Frameries, Belgium (manufacturing place) TN = Traceability Number

Declaration of Performance

  • Declaration of Performance n� : 1001189-NOLA
  • Certification Date : 1/16/24
  • AVCP (Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance) : System 3
  • Notified body : 1000253
  • Declared performance : Dca-s1,d1,a1

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