Mar 22, 2023

New generation power cable

In 2022, Nexans launched the sequel to last year's success, AXQJ Easy, as the first cable in the New Generation power cables. Now the segment is completed with the next cable – FXQJ Easy EMC.

Our new 1 kV cable is something that has been requested by the target group and therefore we can say with certainty that it will also be appreciated. We'd even go so far as to say installers will love it. We dedicate the video above to all of you out there electrifying the future with us.


In the early 2000s, Nexans’ current 1 kV cables switched from PVC to halogen-free, a change which unfortunately meant that the cables became stiffer and heavier to work with. In order to meet the customers' demands for a more flexible and easy-to-work 1-kV cable, Nexans has developed a softer halogen-free material for the cable. The cable has noticeably improved properties regarding flexibility and scalability with a knife.

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Advantages of our new low-voltage cable

The advantages of the new generation power cable are many. When the cable laying goes faster, the conditions for better profitability increase in the end, and seen from a sustainability perspective, it is a clear improvement.

FXQJ Easy EMC is a significantly easier to work 1 kV power cable which, thanks to a unique sheath material, is easy to cut and increases the flexibility of the cable, which makes the cable laying go faster. The cable is frequently used in industrial installations and other facilities that have EMC requirements.

Other advantages are that the low voltage cable


  • is easy to bend and work withis
  • easy to peel and cut
  • has a tear cord for easy stripping
  • contributes to a safer working environmentis
  • recycling marked with Lifemark™
  • is manufactured in Grimsås.

"We are here to make the everyday life of electrical installers easier. So when they wanted a smoother and more manageable power cable, it was obvious for us to go home to the lab at Nexans and start product development" - Aron Andersson, Product Manager Infra Nexans Sweden 

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