Multi family houses

Power control charging of electric vehicles - charge one or more cars at the same time when the electricity is sufficient.

The price of electricity generally goes up and down during the day depending on how much electricity is used and produced. The need for electricity also varies between different times of the day. For example, the load often increases in the afternoon when the residents need to cook and charge their car at the same time and then decrease at night when most people are asleep.

The cables' power control and load balancing help the user to utilize and regulate their subscription in the best way. Power control and load balancing, when it comes to charging electric vehicles, can reduce the annual electricity costs. For example, the property owner does not need to secure from 35 A to 50 A, which means an increased cost of approximately SEK 6,000.

If you install Nexan's combi cables, only a single cable is needed between the control panel and the charging point. This is because the cables have both power and control function. You get a simple, stylish and fast installation where the power control is easier to regulate. In the long run, both you as an installer and the end customer who charges their vehicle save time and money. Our combi cables fit together with charging boxes and charging posts from all leading suppliers. The charging cables are included in our Easys range. They are easy to peel, halogen-free, talc-free, reduce work injuries and save time and money.

Smart cables for an easy and fast installation

See how you easily can install our smart cables between the power station and the charging box/charging post (only in swedish).

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